Title:Jordan Lehman Directing & Cinematography Reel 2015
(year is optional)
Job title/role:
Director, Cinematographer, Editor, etc. (What role you played in projects)
Locations: Winter Park, FL & Orlando, FL (Where projects took place)
Description: Here is where my description with a minimum of 100 words would go…

Reel Requirements:

Time length:

.30 seconds-2 minute Reel (if you don’t have one then I would advise you cut one together). Typically a DCBS student Reel consists of 5-6 projects, and roughly 5-20 seconds for each project featured in edit. Length of each project varies but this is a good model to start your edit off with.

Cutting to Music:

Common practices are to use one audio track that will cover the entire length of reel. According to Writer & Editor Mike Wilkinson “If the video itself doesn’t have any spoken words (like a narration or voiceover) then I may use a song that has vocals, but most of the time I go for instrumental pieces. I find that vocals in music can compete with your talent speaking on camera.
The Best Free & Pay Music websites for video editors

Intro Title Graphics:

First 5-10 seconds of Reel must have a title graphic that reads “First Name Last Name ‘REEL TYPE’. Example would be Abby Greenlee Cinematographer REEL (year optional). Adding you branding bumper/motion graphics project is common practice at the start and or end of Reel.

End on Black:

End of Reel must end on black frame. Best practice is to use a fade out transition.

Publish on the Web:

All video assets need to be posted on either Vimeo or YouTube.

Naming Contention:

Title of video should in either Vimeo or YouTube must be: ‘First Name Last Name ‘REEL Type’ (year is optional). Use a meaningful hyperlink title such as this naming convention.

Follow Reel Page format:

Under the embedded video for the Reel page, the format needs to be displayed as shown in the above image example. Use a working URL link to video, Title, Job Title/roll, Location and Description. Description must meet requirement of a minimum of 100 words. In this paragraph focus on talking about the projects featured in reel.




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