Event Goer Insights: Craft an Event Page that Sells

Event Goer Insights: Craft an Event Site that Sells

Imagine that someone’s looking for something fun to do next weekend. They Google “events near me,” and land on your event page. (Nice work on your SEO, by the way!)

Do you want them to buy a ticket or register for your event right away? Or do you want them to set aside the decision for later?

Of course you want them to commit right away. Because you know how important it is to seize that moment of interest, and inspire page visitors to hit “buy now” before a distraction comes along. The second they close their browser, you may have lost your chance.

Thankfully, you can improve your chances of keeping people on your page—and getting them to commit to your event—by including a few key pieces of information in your listing.

We asked Tamara Mendelsohn, head of Consumer initiatives at Eventbrite, for her take on what consumers want from an event page. Tamara’s team has studied data around millions of transactions on our platform, and conducted extensive research involving focus groups and interviews with hundreds of consumers nationwide. Using this insight, Tamara distilled these three top tips for turning curious page visitors into excited event attendees:


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